Tindhare Jharana, Tindhare Waterfall.

Tindhare Jharana, also known as Bahubali waterfall, is garnering immense popularity recently. And is among the favorite places to travel to in close proximity to Kathmandu Valley. Hundreds of young, domestic Nepalese hikers traverse this waterfall every day.

Tindhare Jharana (Tindhare Waterfall) perched in the Roshi Rural Municipality of Kavrepalanchok District is by far the most beautiful waterfall near Kathmandu valley. You can reach the waterfall within 3 hours (But you will have to walk for about 1 hour from Kafal Danda.) This cascading waterfall attracts at least 500 enthusiastic travelers every day. And when I was there, I saw more than 300 travelers.

Tindhare Jharana Trip Details:

Distance: 60-65 km from Tribhuvan International Airport

Time: 3-4 hours from Tribhuvan International Airport (on a motorcycle)

Route: Kathmandu-Banepa-Panauti-Namo Budhha- Dapcha – Pangu – Kafal Danda – Tindhare Jharana

Starting Point: Kathmandu valley 

Ending Point: Tindhare Jharana

Elevation: 1800 m

Total height of waterfall: 300 meters (980 ft)

The hiking trail is easy. You will enjoy the pleasant hike on a ridge flanked by green hills. The first part of the hike is easy on a flat trail, and it slowly descends to the waterfall. 

The road from Banepa to Panauti is good. From Panuati head to Namo Buddha. If you go by motorcycle, you will find the road good enough to ride. From Namo Buddha, the road is preferably off-road. Some sections are under construction, but it’s fun.

How to reach Tindhare Jharana from Kathmandu? 

You will have to ride to Kafal Danda, park your bike, and hike for an hour to the waterfall. 

Head to Banepa, continue to Namo Buddha, and Dapcha. The road to Namo Buddha and Dapcha is good. But if it rains on that very day, you will not love to ride through the road. So I recommend you to travel on a sunny day. Make sure to check the weather!

Upon reaching Dapcha, you will have to turn right and continue to Pangu. The road is easily navigable but ask for help if you get confused. However, there are signs at the major junctions that read “way to Tindhare Jharana.”

From Dapcha, it should not take you more than 30 minutes to reach Kafal Danda. I have to say that some part of the road is slippery and soggy. You will have to be cautious. Park your bike at the Danda and hit the trail to the waterfall. It is 30 minutes-1 hour hike to the waterfall. Rest assured that the hiking is easy and pleasant.

Can you hire any vehicle to Tindhare waterfall?

Yes, you can. Due to the popularity of this waterfall, many are offering transportation services to the waterfall. 

Food and Accommodations along the way to Tindhare Jharana

There are a few small shops and tea stalls on the way. Some are under construction and will cater to travelers in the near future. Talking about food, they sell noodles, fresh-cut cucumber, mineral waters, cold drinks, can beer, and other prepackaged foods. I did see a small stall offering hookah as well.

Tips from my side

  • Make sure to carry a reusable water bottle. Stay hydrated.
  • For two-wheelers rider, make sure your motorcycle has good tyre-grip- some parts of the roads are slippery and unsafe.
  • There are very few motorcycle workshops (I didn’t find any). So make sure your motorcycle is in good condition before you go.
  • If you carry food and plastics, please don’t throw it anywhere. Bring it home and dispose of it.
  • If you want to travel on a rainy day, you got to be seriously prepared. You will have to tackle the worst condition of the road, and probably you won’t be able to ride at all. Carry raincoats and umbrella as well.
  • If you want to avoid traffic congestion and crowd, please start early (4 am or 5 am would be fine). We started at 7 am and reached there within 2.30 hours. 

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