New rules for Mountaineering and Trekking in Nepal.

Amid growing fears of coronavirus infection, the government of Nepal has issued some rules for mountaineering and trekking:

1) You must attain your visa before coming to Nepal. Provided that if tourists belong to the foreign nation where visa facilities are not available or in case of group mountaineering or trekking, they can arrive in Nepal with prior approval of the Travel or Trekking agency of Nepal. For prior approval, the agency can submit the documents to the Tourism Department for Mountaineering and NTB for trekking.

2) Tourists arriving as per given in section 1 shall be given a visa at arrival.

3) Tourist entering Nepal shall present the following documents:

a) Negative PCR report (maximum 72 hours)
b) visa documents
c) Hotel booking documents for 7-day quarantine
d) COVID 19 Insurance policy document of value $5000 per person

4) Tourists shall stay in quarantine for 7 days.

5) On the 5th day of hotel quarantine, the tourist shall perform a PCR test in his/her own expenses. Permission for Mountaineering/Trekking shall be given only if the PCR is negative.

6) If the PCR report, as mentioned in Section 3, is positive, the tourist shall quarantine themselves until the PCR is negative.

7) Mountaineering or Trekking team shall obtain Insurance Policy worth 1 Lakh NRS regarding the Nepalese team members who will join them in Nepal.

8) During Mountaineering and Trekking, tourists shall follow the rules and regulations, and guidelines issued by the Ministry and Heath Population of Nepal.

9) Any other guidelines, rules, and regulations that must be followed during mountaineering and trekking shall be prescribed from time to time. Travel agencies shall inform tourists of the same.

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