World’s Highest Irish Pub in Namche Bazaar

Irish Pub in Namche Bazaar, the remotest Irish pub welcomes you with a sign that reads “Good Food, Cheap Booze & Great Music.”

This Irish Pub in Everest region is the world’s highest Irish Pub. Located in Namche Bazaar at 3,440 meters, this bar offers everything you can imagine, from tongba (a millet-based alcoholic beverage) to Guinness and Jameson Whiskey. 

But you have to fly to Lukla, the most dangerous airport in the world, and trek for two days to get there. And trust me, every effort is worth it!

The 45-minute flight from Kathmandu to Lukla offers you some of the best views of Everest and surrounding peaks, urban landscapes, and high hills. Despite the fact that it is consistently named the most extreme airport in the world, it is the busiest domestic airport in Nepal. Lukla’s only runway is among the shortest runways in the world- 1,729 feet long. The landing is enthralling, and takeoff is as exciting as a roller coaster.

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As soon as you get off the plane, you will hit the trail to Phakding, slowly descending downhill through a forest. It should not take you more than 6 hours to reach Phakding. From Phakding, you will head to Namche Bazaar, this time, mostly uphill, crossing many suspension bridges, including the most popular Hillary Suspension Bridge.

Walk up to the Pub and find another sign says, “There are no strangers here, only friends who haven’t met.” And that’s absolutely true. Every trekker who comes to visit Everest Base Camp or summit the world’s highest mountain share the same story. Every keen trekker loves the mountains and wants to celebrate their victory. And arguably, the best place in the Everest region to celebrate is the Irish Pub.

Step inside to see walls adorned with memorabilia from the peak, great snaps from the Everest Base Camp, a Bob Marley mural, metal band photographs, shamrock, and international flags. A wood stove in the corner warms up everyone around the fire. And there’s a pool table, surrounded by at least three people.

Did you know everything from the pool table to Jameson Whiskey in this Pub had to be carried by porters on their backs for two days from Lukla? There’s no road to Namche Bazaar, the pub owner orders everything from Kathmandu, fly them all to Lukla, and the porters carry them on their back to Namche Bazaar.

As you approach the bar, you can see a sign that reads, “If you’re drinking to forget, please pay in advance.” You can order Jameson, Irish whiskey, beer, a pint of the black stuff, or even yak steak. Probably the only Irish Pub in the world that has yak steak on the menu. A drink here can be the best drink of a lifetime- you would be drinking at the highest Irish Pub in the world. 

The ambiance and friendly atmosphere of the Pub in Namche Bazaar resembles an authentic Irish Pub. You can listen to traditional Irish folk music and drink Jameson Whiskey, surrounded by the mountains. 

Anyone who successfully summitted Everest or has been to Everest Base Camp for the first time would buy a drink for himself, his guide, porters, and mountaineering leaders to celebrate his achievement.

Next time you trek to Everest Base Camp or Gokyo Lakes or climb Everest, don’t forget to drink at Irish Pub, Namche Bazaar.

Picture Courtesy: Sian Lewis, culture trip

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