Gosaikunda Lake Trek

Gosaikunda Lake is a spectacular trekking destination in the Langtang region of Nepal. Gosaikunda Trek is a beautiful trek to explore an alpine freshwater lake, Gosaikunda Lake, at 4,380m. Gosaikunda Lake is located in the Rasuwa district in Langtang National Park. Also called the sacred Lake of Nepal, Gosaikunda stands with its religious significance.

Gosaikunda Lake is holy Lake, believed to be created by Lord Shiva, and there is a rigid affirmation in the belief that on bathing with the water of Gosaikunda Lake, it will wash sin away. This belief also has caused thousands of people from the nation and other countries to step into the beautiful land, soaring up the high hills and rocky trails to have an amazing insight of Gosaikunda.

Gosaikunda Lake trek begins from Kathmandu with a drive to Dunche. On reaching Dunche, you’ll have to walk. Hours of trekking in the rough and tough trails will be adventurous enough to meet your trekking expectation. This trek has to offer you the majestic view of Langtang Himalaya, Ganesh Himal, and many other mountains that will refresh you. The main highlight of Gosaikunda is the “Frozen Gosaikunda” in the winter season. Frozen Gosaikunda is what the majority of trekkers would prefer to visit.

Every year, thousands of wanderer trek to Gosaikunda Lake. The trekking trail of Gosaikunda passes through the assorted landscape and green forest. It offers a dazzling vista of waterfall, stream, mountains, and hills, which will surely captivate your vision. It is a wonderful trek passing through a lush forest, a typical village, Rhododendron forests, exploring the picturesque Himalayas, and wildlife existence.

The trek will be full of excitement as you will be lured by the woods’ views and the culture of Tamang ethnicity. While you stay in the lower part of Gosaikunda in the Tamang community’s dense residence, you will be served with the unexpected hospitality of Tamang people. You will be overwhelmed by their tradition and lifestyle, and be a part of their culture.

Gosaikunda is the most-visit trekking destination of Nepal that will test your nerves and amaze you at the same time. The beautiful and majestic views it offers will imprison you, and it will be a lifetime experience.

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