Bird Watching in Nepal

Bird Watching is among the recreational activity in Nepal. It is observation of birds from distance or nearby. It can be done with the naked eyes or with binoculars.

Bird watching will take you to a whole new level- adding an extended boundary to your experience. Nepal is the best place to wander and watch birds in a diverse range of ecosystems. In Nepal, you can explore 850 species of birds, and therefore, Nepal is a paradise for the birdwatcher.

Nepal is a naturally wealthy nation with diversity in wildlife and natural resources. The 850 species of bird in Nepal holds the highest record in Asia, and Nepal has 10% of the world’s population of birds. The bird watching tour in Nepal lets you explore the Terai region, which is inhabited by different species of birds.

In the Terai region, you can visit wildlife reserves, conservation areas, and parks. You can also explore 500 species of birds alone in the capital city, Kathmandu. Pulchowki, Godavari, Taudhaha, is a primary place in Kathmandu for Bird watching.

Koshi Tappu, Chitwan and Bardiya are the major sites in the lower region, and in the Himalayas, Everest and Annapurna region is home to some of the rarest and popular birds. Sagarmatha National Park in the Everest region boasts 118 species of birds, including red-billed chough, Himalayan monal, blood pheasant, and more. This opportunity to watch a different kind of birds will surely be an amazing experience.

You will be mesmerized by encountering different species of birds and majestic views of the lush green forest, waterfall, and the Himalayas. Bird Watching comes with an extension; exploration of Nepal’s natural beauty will be a lifetime experience for you.

Hundreds of professional ornithologists visit Nepal every year to revel in the beauty of Nepal, and bird-watching.

Image Source: Flickr (photo by Koshy Koshy)

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