Ama Yangri Trek- Best Short Trek from Kathmandu

Ama Yangri trek is undoubtedly the best shortest-and-cheapest trek from Kathmandu. We completed the trek in just 2 days, and guess the budget- Rs.800 per person (excluding petrol expense). And you can compare the view from Ama Yangri to that of Poon Hill.

It is the best shortest trek from Kathmandu in the Helambu region- it entails a day trek. To be exact, you need to ascend for 6 hours to reach Ama Yangri at 3771m.  

I trekked after 15 months ( after Mardi Himal Trek)- on January 1, with one of my best friends. I hopped on my bike and headed to Tarkeghyang. We estimate that it should take us 6-7 hours to reach Tarkeghyang. The budget we reckon was Rs.2000.

Ama Yangri Trek Route

You will need to reach Tarkeghyang (Tarke Ghyang) from Kathmandu, either on a bus or motorcycle. The total distance from Kathmandu to Tarkeghyang is approximately 80-85 km. It should take you around 5 hours to get there. The road condition en route is average. Some fraction of the roads are rather bad, but the majority of the roads are in good conditions. Rest assured that you will enjoy the ride. 

Now comes the trekking part- the trekking trail is well marked. The trail is moderate and is suitable for anyone, be it a novice trekker or experienced. The path climbs steeply through forests. The silent forest and stone-paved trail slowly unfold the views of the mountains and beautiful hills. 

Route: Sinamangal-Boudha-Jorpati-Mulpani-Sankharapur – Jarsing Pauwa – Melemchi – Tarkeghyang 

Bike Ride to Tarkeghyang

Everything’s packed from torchlight to trekking poles, clothes to charger and water bottle to warm pair of socks. The bag still has room for Bimal’s stuff! It weighs less than 5kg with our stuff dug in it. My bike has full petrol and is in great condition like always. 

Bimal is riding the bike so that I can film. From Sinamangal, we head to Jarsing Pauwa. After 1 hour, we reach Jarsing Pauwa. Admittedly the road is dusty and bumpy. Luckily that helmet that I am wearing has a visor, and I can see through even when the road teases me.

The next destination is Melamchi, and after about 3.5 hours, Tarkegyang will welcome us. Tarkegyang or Tarke Ghyang is a beautiful village and the final stop before climbing the hills to Ama Yangri. When the clock struck 5 pm, we reached Tarkegyang. 

In search of a cozy room for the two of us, we look for hotels, only to find out all the hotels are packed. Lesson learned- book rooms in advance. Had we booked earlier, we would have acquired rooms. 

The owner of Buddha Hotel somehow managed a room for us but had to share with 5 other travelers. And we had no option. 

As we sit on the porch, we order Jhyaikutae- hot alcohol mixed with sauteed rice grain in butter-in an attempt to fight cold weather. I quickly think about Ama Yangri weather. Damn, the night will be freezing! 

After enjoying Dal Bhat, we snuggle down in bed. I am in my warm pair of trousers, a jacket and 2 layers of socks, and it still feels cold. Tomorrow morning, we will be up at 3 am, navigating the trail to conquer 3771 m.

Trekking for 6 hours- 3 am to 9 am

My alarm goes off at 3 am, and exactly at 3.17 am, we hit the trail with a torchlight. At times, we couldn’t find the way! Nervous and doubtful, we waited for other travelers. Luckily, a group of 5 travelers appeared to be a guide for us. We are following them.

At 6 am, we reach base camp and rest there. We eat snickers to fuel ourselves for the rest of the hours. The water we brought is too cold, but we had to drink. 

We continue the trail as it climbs steeply. The horizon is now painted with the lights of dawn. And we now can don’t have to use the light. As we weave through the trail, Bimal shares his travel stories, college, and work life. We are indulging in the best talk we ever had. I am convinced that travel connects people.

I am surprised not to find any tea shops or stall on the way. We stop every 15 minutes to catch our breathe and drink water. After 3 hours of trekking- at 9 am, Ama Yangri greets us. We are more than happy!

Ama Yangri at 3771 m

The chain of mountains ( I don’t know the names) rises from the sky-the view awe-inspiring. Prayer flags are fluttering as if they are dancing with the wind. I couldn’t believe my eyes. We did it! 

I had planned for this trek before the pandemic and finally did it—what a perfect start of the year. 

Ama Yangri Trek Itinerary

Day 1: Kathmandu to Tarkegyang (5 hours)

Day 2: Tarkegyang to Ama Yangri (6 hours), and back to Kathmandu (5 hours)

Ama Yangri Trek Cost

Like I said earlier, we completed the trek for just Rs. 800 per person. However, it would be better if you carry Rs. 2000 per person.

Ama Yangri Trek Difficulty

I would say it’s moderate. 

 Ama Yangri Meaning 

Ama Yangri means Mother Yangri. Ama means mother, and Yangri is a deity who protects the Helambu region.

Ama Yangri Peak Height

The highest altitude of the trek is 3771m.

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